What's you minium order requirement?

Our opening order is $200, re-order is $100.

Where were your products made?

Most of our products were designed in Canada.
Most of our products were made in China.
Some of our jewelrys were designed and made in Canada.

Where are your products shipped from?

All orders will be shipped from our Toronto, Ontatio Canada office.

Do do accept custom made / private label orders?

We no longer accept custom made / private label orders.

How long does it take for you to ship my wholesale order?

We normally ship wholesale order the next business day if we can successfully process the payment. (Please note as we don't ask retailers to provide credit card information online after you order online to prevent retailers' credit card information compromised. We will call you to obtain Visa or Master Card information for payment. After we can process the payment, we will ship your order out right away. Sometime the delay of shipping your order is due to we can't get hold of the person who has the payment information from your company.)