LAVISHY Elma Collection Wholesale Embroidered Vegan Bags

LAVISHY Elma collection design & wholesale embroidered vegan bags to gift shops, boutiques & book stores in Canada, USA and worldwide.

LAVISHY loves embroidery.

LAVISHY design and wholesale original, beautiful and affordable Eco-friendly cruelty free embroidered bags made with Eco-friendly and cruelty-free vegan materials for Elma collection--our international best selling collections since 2002.

Elma collection was launched in 2002. Inspired by beautiful flower, birds, animals, butterfly, dragonfly, honey bee, ladybug from nature and charming patterns from Morocco, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and other countries, Elma collection vegan embroidered bags features lovely embroidered motifs of rose, poppy, daisy, peony, cherry blossom, carnation, butterfly, hummingbird, owl, peacock, sparrow, dragonfly, ladybug, goldfish, cherry, mushroom, cat, fox, sugar skull, Matryoshka doll, paisley, tattoo style love birds and rose flower.

Elamm collection embroidered bags come in four styles: saddle bags, clutch bags, messenger bags and clutch bags. These beautiful and Eco-friendly vegan embroidered bags have been presented at leading trade shows in New York, Paris, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Los Angeles. Elma collection wholesale orders were also abled to be placed at leading wholesale market showrooms from Los Angeles to Toronto. Now, wholesale orders can be easily placed online at LAVISHY official web site

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